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    Save your health and your wallet! Learn how to enjoy organic non-toxic earth-friendly beauty and cleanliness, completely free of toxic petro-chemicals and irritants. Many years of thorough research via print and information on the Internet have provided me with important information that helped me write this important e-book. This book not just for people who are sensitive to chemical fragrances, but for people who know people like friends, relatives or coworkers who are not aware and informed about the growing problem of chemical fragrance sensitivity and the health risk it poses. I also used my own personal journey as guidance and inspiration. Learn the truth that the cosmetics and fragrance industry doesn't want you to know! I am offering a special deal. If you order this e-book NOW, I will include a FREE copy of another non-fiction health e-book I wrote, entitled, "You Can Have Your Cheesecake Too! Fitness Made Simple," which normally sells for $10.95. This e-book is full of great simple healthy ideas for enjoying delicious, heart healthy, zero cholesterol and easy to learn simple fitness exercises that will help you feel and look great and more youthful! Click Here to take a peek inside to see the Table of Contents of Keep Your Vanity and read a sample chapter.

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    Welcome to The name says it all. Perfume and fragrance are in everything - shampoo, moisturizer, body splash, hairspray, soap, etc. You don't have to spray it or dab it on your wrist to be exposed to harmful toxic petro-chemicals and smell like a perfume factory. It's not a question of if, but when you or someone you know will be impacted by the issue of petro-chemicals in fragrance and personal care products. This is the sad truth about toxic petro-chemical fragrance exposure. The 21st Century provides tremendous convenience, but much of this so-called "convenience" is in the form of toxic petro-chemicals disguised as beauty products and air fresheners or as we refer to them as "air poisoners" that were designed to make you feel and look good. We the population are virtual canaries in a coal mine. Like a "canary in a coal mine," those who are labeled "sensitive" are the first ones to notice these toxic poisons' presence. This article sums it up well!

    Were you led here by an ad, link, or video that seemed deceptive, making you think that there are discount fragrances here?Then, take heed, that's exactly what the petro-chemical fragrance and cosmetics industries use as tactics everyday with billions of dollars in advertising, luring unsuspecting consumers with alluring and provocative ads that have no substance or consumer information made available whatsoever. We're sorry that we must lower ourselves to that level, but we don't have obscene advertising budgets like they do. We are only a small group of thoughtful citizens who are doing their best to raise awareness and share this information with all who will listen. So, now,you have the choice - leave in disgust because you were "misled" or join the rest of us who are in disgust and learn just what this is all about. Please see the links on the right-hand side of this website to better understand the truth behind the lies. There is also a very informative video that reveals information that you won't hear about on the 6 'o'clock news. Please listen to the information on this website. The health of you and your loved ones depend on your paying close attention to what you're about to hear and read.

    Some of the visitors to this website may notice that this website has changed. After reviewing the various feedback and comments we received about the original home page, we decided to give Not Perfume a"facelift" so-to-speak with more important information, including links to current relevant news stories, and helpful resources to help make "Not Perfume" more user-friendly and informative. Please take a few moments to get acquainted with this new "Not Perfume"website. We are working hard to provide as much informativecontent as possible and this will be an on going work in progress. We encourage you to bookmark this website and share it with those you care about and love. "Not Perfume" is a timely website. Each person who wakes up and realizes that it's time to be more organic-minded and be more nurturing toward our precious beautiful Planet Earth is one more person making a positive difference in the world! Thank you for visiting. Please keep coming back. Enjoy your stay.

    You're Surrounded by Dangerous Scents!

    INDOOR AIR QUALITY - A Serious Concern
    Perfume and fragrance products are a very serious health problem. Unfortunately, in this world, these poisonous chemicals surround us. One of the biggest health problems facing our world today is indoor air pollution. Indoor air quality is a very important issue because humans and 4-legged friends spend a significant amount of time indoors; at home, in school, at the market, in the doctor's office, and many other common public places, including public libraries and book stores. In addition to perfume and fragrance products, chemicals are also found in commercial big tobacco cigarettes. These toxic chemicals are emitted from the cigarette and the smoker's mouth as smoker's breath. For an asthmatic and a chemically sensitive person, this can be horrifying! Being forced to breathe these chemicals in an enclosed indoor space can make a sufferer want to run for the nearest door or exit just to be able to breathe some fresh air. All the current toxic chemicals that are found in cigarettes and fragrance products, especially combined, create horrifying toxic indoor air that will potentially make anyone very ill! Recently, I began reading a very informative controversial book that raises this very issue and addresses and discusses the issue of indoor air quality. Please visit this blog to read more:

    Please Watch This Informative Video I made about the Healthy Alternative Of Essential Oils and should you be interested in more information please click on "Essential 7 Oils Don't Get Caught Without Them!"


    What's New

    What you can do.

    Educate yourself and those you know by sharing articles you read on the subject,videos you watch here and on youtube(please note that youtube is using google ads and perfume ads are being associated with educational videos like the one on our site, we do not condone this and wish it were stopped) and most importantly, please make the commitment to yourself and your loved ones to read labels and learn what those toxic ingredients mean that you see on the product you're holding. Education is knowledge and knowledge is power. Empower yourself and your loved ones.

    Another important step you can take is to shop at your local organic health food store and educate yourself about organic living. Increasing your organic awareness is the best thing you can do to protect your health and that of your loved ones and save yourwallet.

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